Tiered account structure

Manage multiple departments using sub-accounts

Your departments can operate independently with an administrative overview.


Sub-accounts are a good fit for universities, colleges, municipalities, franchises, fitness clubs and other multi-department organizations where lists and other data shouldn’t be shared across departments but operating a stand-alone account for each department is not practical.


Team management

Create unlimited user accounts and assign each user to access one or multiple sub-accounts.

Users can have different permissions so they only access functionality that is related to their roles. An example is content editors who can’t view contact lists.

Shared templates

Email templates can be shared with one or more sub-accounts. Publish or unpublish templates as needed.

Only administrators can modify templates. Standard users can access a selection of templates you shared with them.


Adhering to branding guidelines is easy using locked zones in email templates. This way your team can focus on content and needn’t worry about inadvertently changing styles.

You can also remove the Envoke logo from all emails, create custom email footers and even use your own custom domain for any page your contacts see so they aren’t confused by third party domain names.

Pricing benefit

It’s also cheaper to operate a single corporate account with sub-accounts attached to it than to have each department manage their own stand-alone accounts – sometimes at different providers.

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