Let the in-depth reports drive your big decisions

Real-time reports give you the data to fine tune your email communications strategy and content

Know how your email campaigns perform

View reports on opens, clicks, bounces (and details why failures occurred), unsubscribes, preference changes and links clicked for every email you send.

Re-engage idle contacts

Re-engage contacts who didn’t open or click your emails in the past few weeks or months.

Contact activity timeline

Need to find out how a specific contact interacted with your emails and forms? Use the detailed activity timeline to view when people opened and clicked emails, filled out forms, how subscription preferences changed over time plus manual edits and imports.

Are you on the right track?

View trends of key email activity over time and track subscriber list growth.

Consent statuses

Review contacts by consent status at a glance, tracking nine unique consent states that automatically update based on CASL rules.

Form activity

The system allows you to manage unlimited forms – each with unlimited fields – and the form activity reports are where you can see how they each perform.

Open rates breakdown by app and device

You can optimize your email layout by showing and hiding elements in your email when the message is viewed on mobile devices and optimize your message for email clients that your audience uses.

Data warehouse

A data warehouse stores aggregate data only, all PII is removed. It can be used with Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio or other analytics software to create custom reporting dashboards.

Never truncated

Reports are never truncated; all reports are available in full as long as your account is active. 

Aggregate-only mode

Enabling the aggregate-only mode turns off drill down reports to individual contacts. This setting comes in handy if your privacy policy prohibits accessing email activity data for your contacts.

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