Broadcast email platform for Canadian regulators

Compliant, Canadian and secure email solution for regulatory bodies

For Canadian regulators whose key requirements are compliance, sophisticated subscription management and communicating with – not marketing to – their contacts.

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District of West Vancouver

Sending a clear community message


What our customers are saying

“After researching various newsletter software, Envoke seemed to check all the boxes of its competitors and we felt provided a better overall value. A bonus was that it's a Canadian owned company which put a high emphasis on following Canada's CASL legislation.”

Reade Beaudoin

Economic Development Officer

City of Fort Saskatchewan

“When the legislative team presented us with Envoke as an option, I actually got pretty excited. Envoke combined everything — it was a Canadian company that meets Canadian legal requirements. It also had all the features we needed to both centralize our communications and gain compliance.”​


District of West Vancouver

It’s not all opt-in. Residents must receive some information.

Municipalities often have content that people have to receive as part of the community. For example emails about emergency preparedness, property taxes, COVID directives and essential service updates need to hit inboxes even if residents are unsubscribed from newsletters and other optional messages.

Subscription and permission management

As a municipality you should manage a relationship with your contacts beyond a simple “unsubscribe page”. The fully customizable email preference management page is where people can update their email addresses and other profile information, set language preferences, opt in and out of optional subscriptions and have a clear understanding of the type of messages – some of them mandatory – they will receive from you.

Manage multiple departments and users with different roles

Envoke’s tiered account structure means you can use a single account with multiple departments connected to it that operate independently with admin oversight. Each department can have their own subscription lists and own users. Lists aren’t shared or visible across departments. If someone unsubscribes from emails from the museum, they will remain subscribed to emails from the golf course.

Single corporate brand with customizable branding for departments

Provide a fully-branded experience for your community members from tracking domains to a branded unsubscribe page that looks just like your website.

Define standard, locked content blocks in email templates along with editable sections.

Send mandatory emails

Emails to your members or staff aren’t the same as newsletters that anyone can unsubscribe from. Mandatory or regulatory messages must reach recipients whether or not they are subscribed to optional content.

You can differentiate between optional and mandatory content with Envoke to ensure your important emails are seen by everyone.

You don’t get this with Mailchimp

As regulators your focus is communication, not marketing. Your primary requirements are compliance and security, not e-commerce or landing pages.
You can only send opt-in messages with Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Envoke adds another layer of subscription management so you can reach all contacts on your list with regulatory messages even if they are otherwise unsubscribed from optional communications.
Canadian Mailchimp alternative

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