Differentiate between emails your contacts want to receive and content they have to receive

Fulfill your internal obligation to send mandatory emails that your contacts can’t unsubscribe from and save time contacting contacts manually who didn't receive your important messages.

The challenge with unsubscribing

“People are unsubscribing from messages they're required to receive as part of their involvement with our organization.”

“People who unsubscribe don't realize they are unsubscribed from everything, then call us asking why they aren't receiving important messages."

Sending mandatory content

Envoke’s unique Mandatory Content setting allows sending emails to contacts where an internal contract or obligation makes it necessary that they receive certain messages regardless of subscription to optional content.  This setting ensures that your members, users, patients, staff, partners and stakeholders get all emails they have to receive.

Contacts can still manage their subscriptions to optional content so when you send optional messages unsubscribed contacts will be automatically excluded.

Who can use this feature?

Regulatory bodies, associations, higher education, health centres, financial groups, municipalities and other public sector organizations that produce mandatory content can use the Mandatory Content setting. 

Manage expectations

The subscription preferences page is linked from every email. More than a simple unsubscribe page, this fully customizable page is where you can communicate to your contacts what type of messages they can expect to receive from you and what content they can and cannot unsubscribe from.

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