Integrate Envoke with your software stack

Forget adding and updating contacts manually or dealing with out-of-sync databases. Create one way or bidirectional integrations between Envoke and your CRM system

CRM and email marketing database integration

CRM integrations

Envoke works with to unlock integrations with hundreds of apps. Create and update contacts when they are added or modified and keep subscription preferences in sync. See all Envoke / Zapier integrations.

In addition to we can also automate syncing contacts from your database: You upload a secure list file nightly and contacts are added, updated and deleted by the time your users start the day.

Contact update API

Use our powerful RESTful APIs to build custom integrations. The API lets you update any contact field, including opt-in status, location, tags and subscription preferences. Read the API documentation here.

Email sending API

Send transactional emails from Canadian servers. All data is stored in Canada as you send emails to your contacts based on your business logic using the email API. Subscription management is automated by Envoke. The email API is best suited for sending transactional emails.

Google Analytics

Identify traffic originating from email campaigns in your Google Analytics account. Each link in your email is automatically tagged using UTM tags. Tags use smart defaults to save time but the tag values are customizable.


Forms can be easily embedded to any website including WordPress, Wix, Weebly and other CMS systems. Most of our customers use forms created with the drag and drop form builder but if you need to use your own custom form, you can submit data directly to Envoke using the APIs.

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