Behold your integrated engagement systems

Lead capture, data consolidation and closed loop tracking as one

You have a lot of marketing technology. You capture leads on your site through forms, live chats, events, webinars and phone calls.

With a different software for each, it’s virtually impossible to answer questions like where leads originated from. Often, you have to export them from their system into yours.

Envoke takes over the engagement function, letting you completely customize your forms or nurture programs, capture the source data and insert it all into your marketing database and CRM, just as your new leads come in.

Citrix Integrations

CRM integration for maximum marketing bite

Become a total know-it-all

We transform your CRM system so new leads are automatically inserted, you know where they came from, and you know every action they ever took on your site before you saw them.

We also pull data out to know what leads turned into opportunities, made purchases, and for how much. Roll it all up and, finally, you learn exactly how to tailor your marketing for maximum budgetary mileage.

You may opt to integrate Salesforce and ZohoCRM, or a custom homegrown system not yet on our integration list. Worry not. We do custom integrations with whatever tools you fancy.

Like some analytics with your data?

What are you measuring?

Out-of-the-box, web analytics systems only measure your site’s basics – unique visitors, visits/sessions, bounces, page views, etc. Without conversion data from further down the sales pipeline, it’s just junk science.

Know your cost-per-everything

Envoke connects all your data to your analytics (Google or Adobe). We isolate valid new contacts, hot or cold leads, lead quality, opportunities, quotes and revenue. If e-commerce is a big part of your operation, we’ll custom-implement it. All with bespoke dashboards and reporting. And while we’re at it, we’ll connect it to all your marketing costs, too. Whether from Adwords, Bing, Facebook, banners, emails or roadside loudhailer.

Analytics Integrations

The all-seeing-eye. Be it.

Play like the big kids

We execute buys for enterprise-level software systems and deliver to you in nutritious, affordable doses. What should cost thousands a month is, depending on usage, in the low hundreds.


Optimal ROI on pay-per-click

Our enterprise-level bid management software brings ROI to your pay-per-click campaigns (Google, Bing, Facebook etc.). It’s constantly calculating the best bids on all your keywords, maximizing outcomes for the lowest possible cost, and helping you/us decide what to invest in each campaign. All because your entire sales funnel metrics – from hello to revenue – are automatically inserted and available for optimization.

Envoke your right to know

Ready to become king or queen of the exquisitely-measured cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale and cost-per-everything-else?