Email editor

Easily create great looking, engaging emails. The drag and drop editor lets you build, test, preview and send messages without having to work with code.

Dynamic content

Use dynamic content to personalize messages based on the recipients’ interests. Show or hide content  to increase click-through rates and reduce unsubscribes.

Compliance made easy

Our CASL compliant email marketing software automates consent management: We manage collection, tracking and documenting consent, rolling expiry dates and automatically solicit consent while treating non-Canadian contacts differently.

The “mandatory communication” option lets you send messages to contacts who are contractually obligated to receive emails even if they didn’t opt-in to marketing messages.

All data is stored in Canada. Read more about security and compliance.

User roles and permissions

You are in control of what functionality each user has access to.

User roles allow you to designate users are administrators, publishers, email editor or standard users with granular permission settings to ensure everyone on your team has access only to features they need. Unlimited user accounts are included.

List segmentation

Segment your lists using tags, subscriptions and custom filters to send the right message to the right person. Multiple sending identities let you send your emails from individual senders or departments.

Read more about contact list segmentation and dynamic content.

Responsive email marketing templates

Responsive emails

More than half of all email opens are on mobile phones. Envoke’s templates are responsive by default for an optimal viewing experience on any screen size. Regardless of browser, email system or device, your message always looks like you mean it. The mobile preview in the editor helps you double check things before you send your e-blast.

Inbox delivery

Delivering emails to inboxes is top priority. Our deliverability management tools have been refined for over a decade to maximize inbox delivery.

Proper email authentication, sender IP reputation, bounce management, feedback loops and monitoring are in place so you can focus on content and your contacts and leave email delivery to us.

Find out more about how we help with inbox delivery.

Social Media
Email Analytics

CRM and Google Analytics integration

Track beyond opens and clicks with automated Google Analytics tracking. We auto-tag every link in your campaign – and allow you to customize the tagging if you want.

In Google you can see the visits and pageviews initiated by each campaign by campaign name, email list and subject line.

You can also connect to the Envoke database via Zapier and our APIs to sync data with your database or send emails.


All opens, clicks, unsubscribes and delivery failures are tracked for every email you send. Drill down to see the list of contacts for each reported item.

You will also see contact list growth over time and gain valuable insights about how subscribers are entering and leaving your lists.

View all available reports.

Know Each Newbie

Bilingual forms

Create forms in minutes with the drag and drop form editor. Ranging from simple subscription forms to complex, multi-step configurations, there is a wide-range of customization tools at your disposal. Forms can be hosted or embedded on page or served as popups.

See all form builder options.

Welcome and nurture emails

Send automated email nurture sequences to deliver welcome emails or a series of nurture messages as part of a drip campaign.

Trigger one sequence and stop another when a contact’s status changes, automatically.

Automate it all


Open a 30 day trial account and see how Envoke can help you send compliant emails easily. Trial accounts come with full support.