Fast. Easy. Non-irritating.

Drag and Drop Email Editing

Dead-easy drag-and-drop editing of your personalized marketing messages, complete with merge and custom fields. Drag around content sections, mix and match single and multi-column sections, preview, test and send messages – all from one screen. With unlimited users and sub-accounts and the option of your own custom domain and branding, Envoke is the complete white label solution you have been looking for.


Watch this video to see how it works

Responsive email marketing templates

Mobile friendly

More than half of all email opens are by mobile phones. Envoke’s layouts auto-respond for an optimal viewing experience devices of any screen size. Regardless of browser, email system or device, your message always looks like you mean it.


Deliver personal, relevant and compliant emails

Segment and send like a boss

Create unlimited sub-accounts, users, lists and campaign archives. Multiple sending identities let you send your emails from individual salespeople, departments or related brands. Segment your lists to send the right message to the right person, always and forever.

email marketing list segmentation

CASL Compliance functions

Maximize your post-CASL email lists

Envoke’s email marketing software includes tools to collect, track and document consent, as well as automatically manage expiry dates (with reminders) and treat non-Canadian contacts differently. A dynamic re-consenting banner helps upgrade your list from implied to express consent. And you can import external databases and mark their pre-existing status.

Learn more about the CASL compliance functions.

Email Consent

Manage consent and subscriptions while sleeping

Build multiple subscription lists and let your contacts manage the email they want to receive from you. Consent is automatically captured on subscription preferences change.


Be a social animal

Add any social media links you like to your messages to get them sharing or sending directly to friends. Automatically display past newsletters on your website to keep stragglers in the loop.

Social Media
Email Analytics

Track beyond opens and clicks.

Automated Google Analytics tracking

Track beyond opens and clicks with automated Google Analytics tracking. We auto-tag every link in your campaign – and allow you to customize the tagging if you want.

In Google you can see the visits and pageviews initiated by each campaign by campaign name, email list and subject line. And once we’ve set up your custom Google Analytics implementation – you’ll also see leads generated per campaign in Google as well. Control freaks love this.


Campaign reports

All opens, clicks, unsubscribes and delivery failures are 100% tracked. Drill down to see the list of contacts for each reported item.

Email Reports
Know Each Newbie

Know each newbie

Each time a new contact enters your database through our marketing automation functions, you get full lead source tracking on each record. You’ll see the source, medium and campaign that brought each new contact.


Automate it all

Integrate everything. Period

Automate the delivery of digital materials. Create automated nurture sequences. Trigger one sequence and stop another when a contact’s status changes, automatically. Every component becomes part of a single aligned marketing effort. See the fuller story of this in our marketing automation section.

Automate it all
Envoke API

Link to your CRM with our API

If your master database is maintained outside of Envoke’s email marketing software, no problem: All updates can be managed using our API.


Made in Canada

Canadian Company

Unique CASL
compliance features

Canadian Currency

Data in Canada

Canadian Support

English and French

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