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Fully customizable. More than just sign up forms.

Email Automation

Email automation

Welcome contacts and 

follow up automatically

List Segmentation

List management

Flexible and comprehensive
contact management

Compliance made easy

Our CASL compliant email marketing software automates consent management.

We manage collection, track and document consent, notify consent expiry dates, and automatically solicit consent while treating non-Canadian contacts differently.

The “mandatory communication” feature lets you send messages to contacts who are contractually obligated to receive emails even if they didn’t opt-in to marketing messages.

Multi-user, multi-account setup

Manage multiple departments and users from a single dashboard.

Share templates and assign user access across sub-accounts. User permissions are controlled using user roles.

Add unlimited users and sub-accounts.

Email editor

Create with ease, send with confidence using the drag and drop email editor that always produces responsive messages.

Run AB tests to maximize open rates, use dynamic content to personalize your messages.

Customize pre-built templates or build your own.

Customizable Forms

Create fully customizable, CASL compliant forms in the drag and drop form editor to grow your list, get contacts to register for events or send a sales inquiry.

Embedded on your website or hosted by us, forms seamlessly integrate with any website.

List management

Segment your lists using tags, subscriptions, and custom filters to send the right message to the right person.

Unlimited public and private lists and custom fields are included independent of pricing.

“Envoke being a Canadian company has been important for me. It allows my data to be stored domestically, and they have been very helpful navigating the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation to help my email to remain compliant.”

Peter Bearse    /   KFL&A Public Health

Responsive emails

Mobile opens accounted for 46 percent of all email opens.

Envoke’s templates are responsive by default for an optimal viewing experience on any device.

Regardless of browser, email service provider, or device, your message always looks like you mean it.

We provide you with a mobile preview mode to double-check your email before you hit send.

Email Template Management

Email Template Management

Ensure consistent branding across all email messages.

Create custom templates, control editable and locked zones and styles and share templates across multiple departments. 


“It’s been excellent. Several other programs on campus also use it now because of our experience. The functionality is perfect for what we need it to do. Can’t say enough about the support staff.”

Chris Ford    /   Royal Roads University

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

What makes every person on your list relate to your email?

Send different messages to different people. Personalize emails and send each person exactly what they need to see and increase your engagement rate.


AB Testing

No one will see your email content if they don’t open it.

Increase your open rates by AB testing your sender’s name, subject line, and email pre-header.

AB Testing

Inbox Deliverability

Delivering emails to inboxes is a top priority.

Our deliverability management tools have been refined for over a decade to maximize inbox delivery.

Proper email authentication, sender IP reputation, bounce management, feedback loops, and monitoring are in place so you can focus on content and your contacts and leave email delivery to us.

“I have been continually impressed by Envoke. The customer service is fantastic, very responsive and helpful. The software runs quickly and is intuitive to use.”

Julia Kreger    /   University of British Columbia


All opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and delivery failures are tracked for every email you send. Drill down to see the list of contacts for each reported item.

You will also see contact list growth over time and gain valuable insights about how subscribers are entering and leaving your lists.

informative dashboard
Free Account Setup

Free Account Setup

Get started with one of our customer care experts to get you and your team on-boarded quickly. We’ll listen to what you want to achieve and help you fit our platform to all of your needs. 

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