List management

Flexible list management options that work well for both basic and complex segmentation needs. Scalable, compliant and not a chore to maintain.

Anyone can build, test, preview and send emails that make your content shine on mobile and desktop screens alike using the no-tech-experience-needed email editor.

Subscriptions and tags

Subscriptions are how your contacts manage their content preferences when they sign up on forms and on the email preference management page linked from the bottom of every email they receive from you.

You can send e-blasts to multiple subscriptions at once without sending duplicate emails to your contacts.

Unlimited public and private subscriptions are available; the number of subscriptions doesn’t affect pricing.

Email preference management

Contacts can update their email preferences and contact profile self-serve.

The email preference page is fully customizable: add custom text to explain your email sending policy, add your logo and turn on what information your contacts are allowed to change. 

The page is automatically shown in English or French depending on your contacts’ language preference.

Your contacts access the preferences page from the “unsubscribe footer” from emails. The footer is also fully customizable to match the style of your emails.

Custom segments

Create custom segments to send targeted emails. In addition to contact fields you can use email activity details to send re-engagement emails or follow up with your most active contacts.

All custom segments update on the fly when you use them.

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