A well-segmented database is the core of your email communication strategy

Flexible list management tools to effectively distribute content and engage contacts with the right message at the right time

Email list segmentation

Unlimited segmentation

Every billing plan includes unlimited subscription lists, supplemented by unlimited internal tagging options and unlimited custom fields to handle data specific to your organization.

Contacts that appear on multiple lists are only counted once for billing.

No need to limit your email strategy because you worry about extra costs when you have multiple lists.

Send mandatory emails

Some emails need to be sent to members, customers or partners.

Use the mandatory content option when you need to send emails that reach all contacts – even if they aren’t subscribed to optional messages.

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Send relevant content

Show or hide content blocks in your emails based on the status or interests of recipients.

Only members should see an event invitation? Check. Have something to say to first year students only? Easy.

Dynamic content creates an added level of personalization to keeps your contacts engaged.

Dynamic Content

More than just an unsubscribe page

Empower your contacts to manage their preferences in a way that fits your email communication strategy.

The Email Preferences Page is fully customize to include custom text, branding, optional and mandatory subscriptions, permission settings, profile update and language preferences.

Custom segments? No problem!

Filter by geography, contact fields, email activity or subscriptions to send targeted messages, reengagement emails or follow up with your most active contacts.

Keeping your lists up to date isn't a chore

Import contacts as often as you like without worry: contacts are merged with existing records and subscription preferences aren’t overwritten. Need it automated? Use the APIs to sync databases.

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