Compliant email marketing and communication for higher education

Post secondary emails

Email marketing platforms that are designed for mom-and-pop shops and small businesses don’t give you the security, compliance and customization that you need at your university or college.

Envoke empowers communication professionals and marketers at post secondary institutions to send compliant broadcast emails with opt-in or mandatory content to students, staff, faculty and alumni while managing unlimited contact segments and subscription lists across multiple departments.

Featured Case Study

McGill University

Compliant communications across multiple university departments


What our customers are saying

“Envoke functionality is great and fully meets our needs. I really appreciate the FANTASTIC customer support, the online documentation and the embedded helper information. We reduced production time significantly- it only takes a couple minutes to set up an email campaign! New features are added all the time. This is much appreciated!”

Doina Strusievici

Manager, Business Intelligence and Analytics

UBC Extended Learning

"Such a fantastic experience using Envoke. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate and is well supported by amazing customer service representatives. Also has meaningful statistics on sent emails which help to analyze how well communications are or are not working for you. I would highly recommend it."

Leanne Draksler

Manager for the office of the Vice President

Mohawk College

"Envoke’s software is simple to use while offering great functionality. The ability to create separate sub-accounts for different departments under a single license is very helpful. The excellent personalized customer service we’ve received is a real credit to Envoke."

Daniel Elves

University of Winnipeg

"The Envoke interface is easy to use and we were able to set ourselves up quickly. Most importantly, the excellent customer service is reassuring and helpful when using the product."

Christopher Wise

Concordia University

Solutions for universities and colleges for a successful email communication program

The IT team wants to ensure that all data is stored and handled securely.

We can help complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to help with the vendor selection process.

Is data stored in Canada?

All data is stored encrypted on servers in Canada including disaster recovery servers.

We need to be CASL compliant – but some of our emails are exempt from CASL

CASL compliance is automated and works out of the box. It’s also customizable should you need exemptions or tweaks to settings based on your legal team’s requirements.

We can’t allow contacts to unsubscribe from some of our messages

With Envoke, you can differentiate between opt-in and mandatory content. Once a message is designated “mandatory” it is sent to everyone on the target list even if those contacts are unsubscribed from your informational / subscription based messages.

Our contact lists change often. Can we import them easily?

Importing the ever changing lists at post secondary institutions is a quick process. Automated safeguards ensure the subscription settings of existing contacts are kept intact and duplicates are auto-merged. You can also integrate with your database using our contact APIs or by uploading CSV files via a script that are automatically synced every day.

Can we connect multiple departments to use the same account?

You can manage multiple departments or faculties under one central account. Subaccounts operate independently with separate user logins and permissions and no list sharing. Email templates can be shared across departments making it easy for everyone to adhere to branding guidelines.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is provided not only via chat and email but also via Zoom calls to troubleshoot complex issues without lengthy text exchanges. Our support ratings are outstanding because our goal is to help our users and foster a long-standing relationship – we rarely only send a link to FAQ pages in our support responses.

How hard is it to switch to Envoke from another provider?

Setup and onboarding is free and it includes help with data migration, technical setup and account configuration so you can focus on content and strategy instead of learning about one-time settings and features that you may never need to use beyond the initial setup.

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