CASL Compliance

We know CASL, and we made it easier for you.

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Envoke is a 100% Canadian owned corporation registered in Ontario since 2007.

Since the Canadian Anti-Spam Law went into effect in 2014, we’ve been dedicated to providing our customers with advanced CASL compliance features.

We handle the nitty-gritty of CASL, while you just focus on managing and growing your organization.

How do we help you comply with CASL?

Envoke’s compliance features automatically collect, track, and upgrade to express consent under CASL.

All types of implied consent expiry dates are tracked to automatically suppress emails where consent is no longer valid.

All consent changes are also logged for a complete audit trail.

We provide mandatory emails option to allow you to send messages to contacts who are contractually obligated to receive emails even if they didn’t opt-in.

Additionally, Envoke automatically detects and manages your contacts according to the rules of their governing country to accurately comply with foreign country legislation such as GDPR (EU) and Can-SPAM (US).

Nationwide Compliance

Automated consent and subscriptions management keeps your relationships on solid footing and enables compliance with federal privacy and anti-spam laws including PIPEDA, The Privacy Act and CASL, provincial private sector laws including PIPA (BC), PIPA (AB), P-39.1 (QC) and FIPPA (NS) and provincial and territory public sector privacy laws, such as FIPPA (BC), FOIP (AB), FIPPA (ON) and FOIPOP (NS).


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