Manage relationships, not unsubscribes

Empower your contacts to fully understand what type of messages they receive from you and why.

Empower your contacts to be in control of their subscription preferences.

Optional subscriptions

Subscriptions are how your contacts manage the type of optional content they want to receive from you. One or ten, up to you.

Mandatory content

Reach even unsubscribed contacts when you have a contractual or internal obligation to send emails and avoid the overhead and legal challenges that arise from not being able to reach every contact who needs to receive mandatory messages.

Your colours, your fonts, your domain

Configure the subscription preferences page to be an extension of your website using your brand colours and even domain name.

Self-serve contact profile update

Reduce the overhead of manual contact updates by allowing your contacts to update their profile self-serve.

Customize wording

Customize every headline and label so the terminology aligns with your internal language and policies.

Optional custom text lets you explain the communication practices of your organization to provide clarity to your contacts about how and when you send them emails. You can also explain why someone may receive mandatory messages from you, if applicable.

English and French

The preferences page is available in English and French. 

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