You worked hard to build your contact list, we make sure your emails reach their inboxes

Decade long experience in delivering emails to inboxes

Over the past 10+ years we’ve built a robust infrastructure to ensure emails are going straight to inboxes. We own our own server stack and as such are not bound by third party changes.

Reporting on email bounces is fully transparent: you have access to unfiltered, raw error logs to troubleshoot any issue. We have nothing to hide.

Authenticating your sending email domain

Setting up custom DKIM authentication (DomainKeys Identified Mail) for your sending domain is part of standard account setup. This ensures that your emails are positively identified as coming from you as opposed to someone pretending to be you – a common and malicious tactic employed by spammers.

Behind the scenes. Automated.

SPF, DKIM and DMAC are technical terms all related to validating emails. They determine if your emails go to inboxes or spam folders. These checks happen behind the scenes. We ensure the checks all pass because:

  • All new accounts are manually vetted to ensure spammers don’t interfere with the sending reputation of our IP addresses.
  • Warmup of IPs isn’t required: enjoy the benefits of using IP addresses that have been in use for years.
  • Automated feedback loops with major ESPs allow for quick unsubscribe directly from inboxes
  • Automated bounce management keeps your lists clean and excludes bad email addresses from future campaigns (you can always reset this if you wish)
  • The opt-out process is managed self-serve by your contacts, changes take effect real time.
  • The email preferences page is customizable to set expectations so your contacts know what they’ll receive from you and why
  • A strict no spam policy is enforced.
  • A text-only version is automatically included along with the HTML version of each email.

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