Marketing Automation

Send emails at the right time to the right audience

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are part of any successful customer relationship program whether you’re greeting new newsletter subscribers or new customers. Make everyone feel like they’ve made a great decision by joining your list. 

Welcome emails can be sent instantly or after a delay and they can include multiple emails to form a welcome message stream.

Drip campaigns

Follow up with contacts automatically with a stream of emails that are spaced out to be sent over the course over a few weeks or months. When contacts meet certain criteria the nurture emails stop and, optionally, another nurture sequence starts. The follow up sequence can be triggered by form submissions, import, manually, in bulk or via the APIs.

Date based email automation

Send reminders or birthday emails using date based triggers. You can send payment, appointment or renewal reminders on specific dates or annual recurring emails for birthdays or simply to keep in touch and invite contacts to an annual survey.

Get express consent from your contacts

Minimize loss of contacts due to expired consent. Send customizable emails one month or one week before implied consent expires for your Canadian contacts.

Increase engagement

Easily resend emails to non-openers to engage anyone who didn’t see your email the first time around and send win-back emails to contacts who haven’t interacted with your emails recently.

Send transactional emails using our APIs

Connect to our APIs to send transactional emails any time according to your business logic. These emails are typically sent when triggers happen outside Envoke, for example on your website or CRM system.

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