Envoke is an all-in-one suite of email marketing and communications tools designed to increase engagement from website visitors, build opt-in email databases, send broadcast email campaigns, and track results.

The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop system includes a responsive email builder, advanced tracking and segmentation tools, and smart web forms for subscriptions, downloads, event registration, and contact requests.

Additional tools are available for generating qualified leads, routing inquiries, delivering digital offers and automating nurture sequences. A built-in marketing attribution system identifies the original sources of all contacts to help allocate marketing budgets more effectively.

Envoke is proud to include a large number of Canadian institutions such as Government agencies, municipalities, Universities and colleges as well as many private sector organizations as customers.

Meet our team.

Canadian Owned and Operated

Established in 2007, Envoke is a 100% Canadian owned corporation registered in Ontario.

Canadian Privacy and Anti-Spam Law Compliance

Automated consent and subscriptions management keeps your relationships on solid footing and enables compliance with all three (3) federal consent and privacy laws including CASL, PIPEDA, The Privacy Act, all three (3) provincial public sector laws including PIPA (BC), PIPA (AB) and ARPPI (QC), all thirteen (13) and territory private sector privacy laws, such as FIPPA (BC), FOIP (AB) and FOIPOP (NS), as well as GDPR (EU) and Can-SPAM (US).

Envoke includes tools to collect, track and upgrade to express consent under CASL and tracks all types of implied consent expiry dates for individuals to automatically suppress emails where consent is no longer valid. All tracked information such as emails sent, opened and clicked can be viewed at the individual level In the case of requests for data access under various legislation.

Security Compliance

Data Centers in Canada

Envoke’s offices, servers and data are all located in Canada. Primary and secondary failover servers are located in two physically separate state-of-the-art data centers in Quebec. Envoke’s primary data center is certified ISO 27001:2005 for providing and operating dedicated cloud computing infrastructures. Operations are based on ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes. The data center has obtained SOC 1 and 2 type II security certifications and has active Anti-DDoS mitigation infrastructure.

Servers and Operating Systems Security

Security updates for server and OS software is closely monitored, applied and tested as it becomes available. Physical access to the servers are restricted to only authorized users with password protected authorization keys on physical USB flash drives.

Data Encryption at Rest

All databases and uploaded files are stored on encrypted data volumes. Server data is encrypted at rest.

Database Access Control

Direct access to the database is limited to our developers. New developers are not provided with direct access to the database until they have completed a probationary period.

Application Access

System login and API access is available only via HTTPS 128 bit SSL security. All application pages are HTTPS by default except for publicly available content pages such as web versions of messages and landing pages. After five (5) unsuccessful login attempts the user account is temporarily blocked and triggers an alert to the administrator. Envoke passwords are a minimum of eight (8) characters and have to pass a strength algorithm.

Application Access from Foreign Countries

System access from IPs located outside North America are vetted manually. Access from a selection of high risk countries such as China, Vietnam and India is blocked by default for setting up trial and new accounts.

Office Security

Envoke’s office in downtown Toronto is secured with a combination lock system with separate entry codes for all employees with access. Office computers are encrypted and protected with strong passwords in accordance with standard security protocols.

Employee Security

All employees have had background police checks, have signed NDAs and have data access provisions in their employment contracts.

When you buy Envoke’s software, you also get access to their professional services and their team who does it for you. It is a big differentiator because it lets us focus on driving our business forward.

Shiv Wild Apricot

Envoke is great at finding solutions to help us not get bogged down by the nitty gritty of certain tasks. It’s nice to have a consulting team and trusted partner who comes to the table and asks thought-provoking question about things that we need to consider.

Trevor FramptonChristie
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