Mastering Multi-Accounts: An Email Solution for Organizations with Multiple Departments

Email marketing for multiple departments

Traditional email marketing software is built for – and primarily used by – the marketing team of businesses. 

The needs of municipalities, colleges, universities, nonprofits and other organizations with multiple departments are rarely considered, leaving communicators in these sectors underserved. 

Trying to handle all email lists and user permissions within a single account can lead to segmentation issues and users accessing lists that don’t belong to them. It can also create inconsistencies for subscribers navigating their preferences across departments.

Some companies attempt to solve the issue by opening separate email marketing accounts for each department. This splintered approach makes branding, billing, and overall user management unnecessarily difficult because these standalone accounts are disconnected and require a lot of overhead to manage.

Email communications across multiple departments

The optimal solution for email communications across multiple departments is a centralized email marketing and communications platform that connects multiple departments while maintaining their operational independence. Envoke’s multi-account features are designed specifically for this purpose. Here’s how it works:

Centralized Administration

Administrators wield overarching control over sub-accounts, user access, billing, and branding elements like shared email templates. This ensures a consistent brand experience for subscribers.

Independent Departments

Each departmental sub-account functions autonomously as its own contained communications unit. This means contact lists, subscription settings, email campaigns and content are completely separate, avoiding confusing overlaps.

Robust Team Management

You can create unlimited user accounts and assign them to single or multiple sub-accounts. User permissions are customizable, allowing fine-grained control over their access to specific functions.

User access across multiple departments

Independent Subscriptions

When a contact unsubscribes from one departmental sub-account, they remain subscribed to others, respecting their preferences. 

Quality Assurance 

Define brand colours and fonts for each department separately or apply the same settings to every department. Administrators can lock colours and fonts so regular users can’t change them.

Brand colours and fonts

Shared Templates

Email templates can be shared with one or more sub-accounts to enforce consistent layout and styling across departments. Parts of templates can be editable or static.

Email template sharing across multiple departements


Envoke’s centralized multi-account structure is significantly more cost-effective than maintaining separate, standalone accounts for each department.

Success in Canadian Organizations: Featured Case Studies

To learn more about the real-world impact of Envoke’s multi-account features, take a look at our case studies:

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Organizations with a multi-departmental structure face the challenge of managing email communications effectively. Envoke is email software built for them. 

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