Why All Unsubscribe Pages Look the Same and the Key to Protecting Your Organization’s Brand and Reputation

Customizable email subscription preferences page

Ever notice that every email unsubscribe page looks similar? Many look like basic, generic pages that were built for the web of 1995!

This is because marketers don’t care about the unsubscribe page. Once a contact has clicked that link in the bottom of an email they are lost: never going to be a lead, a potential customer or revenue. And since marketers don’t care, email marketing software doesn’t care about unsubscribe page branding .

Communications professionals, on the other hand, understand that every touchpoint between their organization and its audience impacts perception and trust. A consistent style for communications, and a consistent experience for interactions, reinforces your credibility and ultimately strengthens your reputation. This is why it’s crucial to have complete control over all content your contacts encounter.

Unsubscribe Page Examples Built for Marketers

Mailchimp’s unsubscribe page

Mailchimp unsubscribe page example

Mailchimp’s email preferences page

Mailchimp unsubscribe page example

Cyberimpact’s unsubscribe page

Cyberimpact unsubscribe page example

Apollo’s unsubscribe page

Apollo unsubscribe page example

Generic Branding: A Hidden Risk

Many organizations find themselves constrained by the default text and styles offered by their email marketing platforms. This limitation forces their contacts to interact with generic, third-party pages that bear no resemblance to their brand. Such inconsistencies can dilute your organization’s identity and harm your image and reputation and make it seem like you don’t care.

Marketing-centric email platforms offer limited customization for elements like email signup forms, and the all-important email preferences page (often referred to as the “unsubscribe page” or “email preference center”). Using default templates with generic text and style create serious disconnects for your contacts. 

Comprehensive Branding Control For Communicators

Envoke understands the importance of brand consistency and delivers a suite of features to ensure every contact interaction aligns with your brand:

  • Colour and Font Control: Match colors and fonts exactly to those defined in your brand style guide.
  • Customizable Text: Including headlines, button labels, descriptions and subscription options
  • Locked Template Sections: Protect headers, footers, your logo and other crucial elements from accidental changes in your templates. Sections can be designated for admin-only editing.
  • Custom Domain: Increase trust by replacing Envoke’s domain with your own on public-facing pages, media, and links – raising open rates and reducing unsubscribes.
  • Seamless Website Forms: Design forms that integrate flawlessly with your website, both in style and functionality, eliminating jarring transitions to third-party solutions.
  • Zero Envoke Branding: Maintain a clean, fully-consistent experience with the ability to turn off the Envoke logo in favour of yours, even on standard billing plans.
  • Sub-accounts for Distinct Branding: Manage multiple departments with unique branding requirements easily through sub-accounts that function as sub-brands within your larger organization.

Unsubscribe Page Examples Built for Communications Professionals

All content and styles, including the domain name, is customizable to ensure the page follows branding guidelines and uses your communications terminology.

Why Envoke: Unprecedented Consistency

The lackluster unsubscribe pages you see out there in the world exist for a reason – but not one your organization needs to accept. These third-party-branded pages clash with your otherwise consistent communications, doing a disservice to your overall reputation.

Envoke empowers communications professionals to eliminate the reputational risks associated with generic branding. Learn more about our branding features:

  • Book a Demo: Let us show you how to build custom templates, designate locked colours, fonts and how to create a truly custom email preferences page.
  • Free 30-Day Trial: Full access to functionality. Customize all public facing content to match your brand, with full customer support included.

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