Email Marketing Software Alternative to Mailchimp for Non-Commercial Organizations USA version

Mailchimp alternative for communicators to engage contacts and effectively distribute optional and mandatory content.

Envoke MailChimp
Role Communication professionals and membership administrators Marketers
Mandate Effectively disseminate opt-in and mandatory content Increase commercial revenue
Contact list Subscribers and members Prospects, leads and customers
Focus Subscription and permission management, relationship building, compliance Marketing automation, e-commerce, landing pages, special offers

In addition to standard features you get with Mailchimp, Envoke also includes:

Better contact engagement via unlimited subscriptions, dynamic content and a hyper-customizable email preference management page.

Send mandatory emails when you have an internal obligation or contract to reach contacts even if they are unsubscribed from opt-in messages.

Easy to understand and fair pricing. Unsubscribed contacts don't count for billing. Pricing auto-adjusts so you're always on the most cost effective plan.

Connect multiple departments that operate independently. Share templates across departments to stay on brand. Not just for franchises and agencies.

Free and customized onboarding to ensure continuity of service. You get to focus on strategy and content, we help with forms, templates and lists.

Don't pay extra for great support. Envoke includes quick and personalized support and even screen share calls with every billing plan.

Envoke's been around for 15 years.
Here's how our features compare to Mailchimp:

Can I migrate my
Mailchimp data?

Custom account setup and training are included for free. During setup we help with data migration. →
During training and free account implementation we help with list migration, template and form setup. No need to re-subscribe existing contacts.

What kind of support do you provide?

Customized and solution focused support by chat and phone for all customers, regardless of account size. →
Our customers unanimously agree that Envoke support is far better than Mailchimp's. 98% support satisfaction achieved via chat, calls, quick turnaround & custom videos.

What about data storage, CASL and FIPPA compliance?

All data is stored in Canada only and we’re CASL and FIPPA compliant. →
Compliance, data security and privacy are the very foundation of Envoke with regulatory messaging, CASL and FIPPA compliance and Canadian servers that we own. We're not using AWS.

How does subscription management work?

Unlimited subscriptions are managed on the customizable email preferences page →
You can add your logo and custom text to the bilingual preferences page. Contacts can update their full profile (not just email) in addition to email subscriptions.

How can I segment my contact lists?

Lists are managed via tags, subscriptions, custom fields and custom segments →
There is no limit to the number of audiences, tags or custom fields. All fields are UTF8 compatible to support every character from various languages.

How much does Envoke cost?

Cost is comparable to Mailchimp fees, billed in CAD. Unlimited audiences included with any plan →
All plans come with the same pro support, unsubscribed contacts don’t count for billing, there are no contracts, no setup or cancellation fees, payment by credit card, e-transfer or cheque.

Is your email editor as good as Mailchimp’s?

The drag and drop editor is nearly identical to Mailchimp’s editor →
You can use dynamic content and unlimited merge fields in emails plus AB testing to maximize opens. Emails are automatically responsive.

How many user logins can I have?

User logins and permission management depend on the payment plan. →
With the Professional Plan you get unlimited users and role-based permission management to fine tune access within your team

Can I connect multiple accounts?

Our multi-account plan lets you connect unlimited accounts / departments →
Connected accounts, called sub-accounts, aren’t limited to franchises and agencies only. They work well for any organization with multiple departments.

Will my emails go to inboxes (vs. spam)?

Our decade long experience helps deliver your emails straight to inboxes →
Automated bounce management keeps lists clean. Custom domain verification (DKIM) is available. Sending IPs are warmed up and in good reputation. Zero tolerance for spam.

Can I set up automations?

You can send multiple automated email streams with custom delay between messages →
Automation is triggered by form submission or list import. Great for welcome emails and automated follow ups.

Can I integrate with our CRM?

You can set up one way and bidirectional integration for all contact fields →
Contact list integrations are achieved via our powerful APIs and through

How do forms work?

You get unlimited, fully customizable forms with a drag and drop builder →
Forms seamlessly integrate with web pages or shown on a landing page. Use unlimited fields including dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes.

What reports do I get?

You’ll see opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes for each message you send →
Also available: clicks per unique link, soft vs. hard bounce, open and clicks trends, report by audience and a detailed activity timeline of events for each contact

What’s the buying process like?

Typically all self-serve but we can accommodate custom procurement requirements →
We’ll work with you if you require a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), want to pay by cheque or electronic transfer or would like to see a custom demo of the software

Reviews from customers who switched from Mailchimp to Envoke

"Great functionality and easily customizable for different audiences plus excellent training resources & support."

Shelly Dornian / Tall Tree Health

“The builder is both easy and intuitive to use. An important combination for users who are on the platform daily.”

Ruth Bord / Zanchin Automotive Group

“Very customizable features. Used to use Mailchimp and Envoke is a very good alternative!”

Samantha Bruin / BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

"Envoke offers what any large email marketing program offers at a similar price, but with better customer service."

Jennifer Bhogal / Urbanspace

About Envoke

Established in 2007, Envoke is an email marketing and communications platform. 


Mailchimp’s users are mainly marketers with a goal to generate commercial revenue, Envoke is for fostering great contact engagement used by communication professionals.

CASL compliant email marketing

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