Your database: Locked. Loaded.

Prospect your prospects

Keep site visitors, engage your audiences on their terms and grow your database among future fans.

Build custom landing pages and multi-step web forms, collect more information and auto-deliver offers as transactional emails – to keep the momentum groove.

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Follow up relentlessly, seductively.

The enchantment of auto-follow-up

Keep leads warm and interested. with multiple email sequence tracks, tasty offers and great timing.

Build different tracks for every state along the customer journey. Make a special offer or two, and provide reasons to return. Envoke cancels one email track to start another as contacts change from one state to another, auto-delivering digital offers and follow-ups.

Email Automation
Always Categorize

Always be categorizing.

Ready for contact

The lead you want to talk to is the one ready to speak to sales. Email-driven self-selection is the righteous way to create them. Special offers are opportunities to let prospects close themselves.

Envoke enables multi-categorization of leads – even if you have a ton of product lines, business units or sales teams. Categorized leads get graded and passed to the right salesperson. Closing ensues.

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Single-source your truths.

Attribute sales to the right channel

Every marketing channel you use wants to take credit for a sale. Yet most just track within their own world, denying you the true picture.

Envoke includes a complete marketing data warehouse tracking the source of every website interaction, from first channel touched to closing touch through to sales. And it all integrates into Google (or Adobe) Analytics, plus your CRM, disgorging daily truths you can grow on.

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Tracking and Reporting
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