Canadian, Compliant and Secure Email Marketing Software

Engage and connect with your audience.

Simplifying CASL compliance for Canadian organizations

Compliance made easy so you can spend your time
on communicating and growth.

Consent & Compliance

Easily automate CASL and your team’s compliance requirements.

Data & Security

A security-conscious tool with data in Canada and end-to-end encryption.

Personalize & Engage

Enhance your organization’s communications with attractive, personalized, and engaging emails.

Control & collaborate

Manage multiple departments and multiple users from a single dashboard.

  • Assign different roles to your team members.
  • Manage template permissions.
  • Unlimited users and sub-accounts.

Maintain compliance

CASL compliance made easy to save you time:

  • Automated consent expiry reminders.
  • Collect and track contacts' consent.
  • Monitor consent status with informative dashboards.

Grow your audience

Build an email list of visitors who are genuinely interested in your organization, so you can turn them into customers later.

  • Fully customizable forms.
  • Form submission notifications.
  • Assign different roles to your team members.

Create easily

Manage multiple departments and multiple users from a single dashboard.

  • Intuitive drag & drop email builder.
  • Pre-built customizable templates.
  • Personalize emails with dynamic content.
  • No coding skills required.

Segment recipients

Your contacts are different, why treat them all the same? Effortlessly filter contacts and create different segments to:

  • Send targeted messages
  • Create internal and public lists
  • Increase engagement and reduce unsubscribes

Make better decisions

Have a clear overview of each email’s performance with analytics that helps you make informed, data-based decisions.

  • Subscriber growth by segment
  • Campaign performance over time
  • Connected to Google Analytics

Why Envoke?

Envoke is a Canadian based company that is focused on compliance and security. 

  • Data in Canada
  • Unlimited Canadian Support
  • English and French

Sign up and get:

  • Free account set up and training.
  • Free data migration of your existing data and campaigns.
  • Unlimited customer support.