15+ Webinar Invitation Email Examples to Maximize Attendees

Webinar invitation emails

Webinars are not only a great way to connect with your audience, they also promote your business and image authenticity.

They will boost your leads and extend your opportunities since they attract newcomers to your business world.

Getting the best out of this effective strategy isn’t easy. It requires more effort than merely sending a webinar invitation email.

It requires you to nail the art of turning your webinar registrations into attendees.

There is no secret ingredient to that. The key is to create and apply a solid webinar email sequence. These emails will go with your registrant down the road until they attend your webinar.

Before we continue, let us first introduce the company behind this article: Founded in 2007, Envoke is a broadcast email software with an emphasis on compliance and subscription management. Unlike Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other platforms Envoke’s focus is on subscription management, compliance and effective communications instead of commercial revenue generation for owner operated small businesses. Check out this handy comparison chart: Envoke vs. Mailchimp.

In this article, you’ll learn: 

Ready to boost your webinar attendance rate? Let’s dive in.

What to Include in Your Webinar Invitation Email

The registration rate for your webinar reflects the curiosity, excitement, and the sense of discovery generated by the webinar announcement email.

The tricky part is how to maintain this excitement and enthusiasm. The goal is to keep the level of interest high enough to make your registrants stay informed and not miss out on your webinar.

This is when your webinar email series comes in handy.

Here is the best webinar invitation content to include in your upcoming webinar email campaigns.

The classic 4 Ws and a How:

  • Who: Introduce your company, presenters, trainers, guests, etc.
  • What: Your webinar title; should be catchy, clear, and memorable.
  • When: Highlight the date, time, and duration.
  • Why:  Showcase the added value that you’ll deliver to your attendees.
  • How: Guide your audience through the process. Explain to them how to register through the call to action (links, buttons, etc.)

Don’t worry, we will provide you with tips on fulfilling the required content with style!


In your webinar invitation email, mention all small details such as who can register, who will be the trainers and their qualifications, if there is a certificate at the end or not, what to learn, etc.  

Try to be clear as much as possible to cut any confusion.

Highlight the date in a way to create urgency and to make that timing relevant to your training. This could be done through a simple “ add to calendar” or “save the date” invite.

While showing value, don’t hesitate to generate authentic excitement.

Finally, add a call to action button (CTA)  that leads your audience to the registration page. 

Below is a webinar invitation email template.

Webinar email invitation email example

How to Set up a Webinar Announcement Email Sequence

Sending one webinar invitation email isn’t close to being enough.

Your targeted attendees need constant friendly nurturing. There is always a risk of a good number of them forgetting they have even signed up for your webinar due to “life” simply.

According to the 2019 latest webinar benchmarks report from ON24, The average webinar’s absence rate is 54%.

This means if you have 100 registrants for your webinar, under 50 of them will show up.

This is why you will have to keep nurturing your registrants after sending the webinar invitation email.

What emails you can send without vainly bombarding your audience? And what is a good webinar email example?

1. Webinar confirmation email

After sending the webinar invitation email, and once the attendees register for the training, you should send a webinar confirmation email to let them know that they reserved a spot among your audience.

Here is an example of a webinar confirmation email you can send.

Webinar confirmation email sample

A  webinar confirmation email is an automatic response to your customer’s registration. 

Its primary purpose is to reassure people that their registration has been successful. 

But that’s not all! In addition to the “confirmation” as the name implies, it can also: 

  • Convey important information. 
  • Give indications on the next steps.
  • Include an “add to calendar” link. 
  • Offer additional opportunities.

The confirmation email should start with a heartful “thank you for registering” note. Followed by the registration link, date, and time. The distinction is hence to say it all using different words.

Other differences are that you will have to:

  •  Highlight the promised added value
  •  Motivate your registrant to invite their friends
  •  Invite the registrant to your community. 

Here you can see how the added value is mentioned sharply and clearly.

Webinar value proposition email

Attractive call to action (CTA) buttons are of paramount importance as they motivate your registrant to take action and become more involved. 

Share webinar call to action

After this email, it becomes your responsibility to send a webinar reminder email to ensure your registrants don’t miss it.

 2. Webinar reminder emails 

Webinar reminder emails have the goal of keeping your audience alert about your upcoming webinar. 

Your webinar reminder emails have to remind them of your webinar date and your proposed values. 

It’s recommended to send 3 reminder emails. One week before the event, one day before the event, and on the day of the webinar announcing that you are going live.

How to write a reminder email for your webinar? 

  • Send plain short email text.
  • Use an active voice.
  • Sound keen, not needy. 
  • Mention: Time, date, time left before the webinar.
  • Highlight a sense of urgency.
  • Provide required preparation ( app downloading, notebook, etc.)
  • Add a “thank you” note. 

This email example for webinar is an excellent illustration of a successful webinar reminder message.

Webinar invitation reminder

3. Post webinar follow-up email 

Now that you have accomplished your webinar, you can switch attention to nurturing and qualifying your leads.

The next step concerns how you can convert your leads into customers. 

You can fulfill that through your webinar follow-up email.

In most cases, webinars are a great medium to create an aftertaste for satisfying customers’ needs with your products and services. Hence, your follow up email should include a call to action invitation to sign up, buy your product, subscribe, etc.

Here is a webinar follow-up example of how your email should look like. 

Follow-up example for webinars

You can send them a “we missed you” email for registrants who couldn’t attend the Webinar.

4. We missed-you webinar email:  

The We missed-you follow-up email is sent to those who couldn’t attend your webinar. It works as a thank you email to appreciate registrants’ interest and let them know that you missed them during the webinar. 

The webinar follow-up email showcases how considerate you are.

In most cases, along with this email, you can send a link of the webinar replay to registrants who couldn’t attend.

Now that you got a glimpse at what webinar messages you should include in your webinar email sequence. It’s time to place the marketing strategies game cards on the table. One crucial card is the email subject line.

5. Automate your webinar email campaign

Webinar emails are time-critical.

You can’t delay or miss an important email. For that, I recommend using an email marketing software that automates your webinar communication from the moment a registrant fills your form until they attend the webinar.

Register to Envoke email software to create:

  • Webinar registration form.
  • Set up an automated webinar confirmation email to registrants.
  • Nurture your leads and maximize your webinar attendees.

Envoke is a Canadian email marketing software that focuses on helping organizations run effective CASL compliant email campaigns.

You’ll be able to customize CASL compliant forms to obtain webinar registrants’ express consent and send compliant webinar emails.

How to Write Effective Webinar Email Subject Lines

According to Statista, 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020, and Woha! the numbers just keep increasing by the second! This figure is expected to increase to over 347 billion daily emails in 2022.

For your webinar invitation email to stand out and be noticeable among those billions of sent emails, you should write an appealing subject line.

To help inspire you, here is a list of 10 best webinar subject line examples.

  1. Reserve your seat for (webinar name)
  2. [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to join us…
  3. Guess what? you will love this, a gift! {unwrap  Webinar ticket inside}
  4. Grow your email list 10X ⚡ faster through attending our Webinar (date) 
  5. How to [Webinar subject] Webinar (including a word-for-word script) (date and time)
  6. Your issues related to ( webinar subject), solved!
  7. Did you miss out on some of our new features? meet us to learn more (date)
  8. Are you coming (date)?
  9. Are you free this Thursday at (time)? [Webinar name]
  10. (Name), do you remember me? We will be waiting for you (date)

Bonus: Webinar email subject line tips

Use keywords such as “Congratulations”, “Free”, “Soon”, “Alert”, “Update”, “Weekend”, “Available”, “Special”, “Join us”, etc. 

Make sure to optimize your subject line for mobile users.

Finally, be original and creative with it! 15 Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples To Inspire You

Moving from theory to practice, we have collected 15 webinar invitation email examples and templates to help you get inspired for your upcoming webinars and online events.

These  webinar invitation emails are of different design and structures but have similar characteristics that make them effective:

  • Clear navigation 
  • Simple text
  • Enough white space
  • Important details mentioned in bold
  • Some speaker images where applicable
  • Corporate colours and fonts followed
  • Easy-to-spot registration button and call to action buttons

Observing webinar email templates could be what you need to spark inspiration. Below we collected several best webinar email templates just for that. 

You can re-create and send these webinar invitation email templates in the Envoke email software.

6 Attention-grabbing webinar invitation email examples

Sending emails for webinar invitation is the key element to engaging your audience. It should spark their curiosity and encourage them to register first and finally attend.

The webinar invitation email is the first contact between you and your audience. It initiates a solid bond that you have to work on maintaining. 

Let’s explore six best webinar invitation email templates. 

1. Grab your audience’s attention 

Let’s begin with an example conducted by SurveyMonkey. It showcases an appealing sample of how your webinar invitation email should look like. 

The email design is simple yet quite catchy. The call to action buttons are highlighted perfectly; the text is direct, on point, and welcoming.

Webinar invitation email example

2. Be genuine to create a real bond with your audience 

Another excellent webinar invitation email is the one presented by Hootsuite. This webinar email template design is authentic, directly reflecting the subject of the webinar. 

The instructions on how to get to the Webinar are clear and well addressed. Information and contact of speakers were well presented as well.

Here is how the training invitation email by Hootsuite looked like.

Webinar email invitation example

3. Add questions 

Another useful tip is to include questions to trigger your audience. 

Listrak used a vivid webinar email template as a webinar invitation.

In this email, they included questions that they will answer through the webinar. 

Your audience could relate to one of the questions. That will spark their interest in participating and getting the answer to their questions.

The following is a good email example for a webinar by Listrak. 

Webinar email invite sample message

4.Theme up your webinar 

It’s always nice to hold themed webinars. It gives your audience a sense of belonging to your community.

You can be creative with it and to design your email according to your chosen theme.

Webinar email design

5.Be informative, mention it all 

Sometimes simple is enough to grab the attention. When your webinar invitation design is straightforward, the email visual perception will be easy on the eye.

Make sure to mention all the essential information such as the Date, the Time,  the webinar content, etc. 

The more precise you are, the easier it will be to ensure your registrants’ participation.

Invitation email for a webinar

6.Tell a story 

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. 

Sharing a genuine and personal aim will engage your followers. Everyone will reflect on your story in a way that is meaningful to them.

Webinar invitation email template

3 Best Webinar confirmation email examples

1. Sum up your webinar 

A very remarkable sample of confirmation emails is this one from Cisco.

This example differs not in its design. But it differs in the way you could integrate a call to action (CTA) links and buttons.

The design of this webinar confirmation email helps the attendee find their way through everything from identifying their local time to saving the date to their calendar.

Email invitation template confirmation

2. Offer further help 

This webinar email template design presented by Hubspot may seem minimal. However, it is distinguished by the fact that it contains an offer of additional assistance and individual assignments.

Webinar confirmation email

3. Tell your audience that you will remind them 

Telling your audience that you will send them reminder emails will create a sense of anticipation. 

That reduces further confusion and increases the rate of your webinar email series opening. 

This webinar invitation template by Hubspot showcases how to do it. 

Webinar registration email

Show your registrants that you’re expecting them. Suggest alternative methods to help them register for the next webinar if they can’t attend that particular one.

2 Event reminder email examples for webinars

1. Insert a countdown timer

You can’t go wrong with the event reminder email; it’s simple, effective and should create a sense of urgency to grab your audience’s full attention. 

This example is all you need to slay your reminder emails. 

The countdown used in this email was suitable to highlight the time remaining before the webinar, and it’s a good trick to keep the time memorable.

Webinar reminder with countdown timer

2. Include your presenters’ photos

Another webinar email example that we want to share with you is this one by Mindvalley

This email presents a clear and straightforward text, important highlighted-information, appealing call to action buttons and links, and an enticing speaker introduction.

Online webinar reminder email example

3 Follow-up emails examples for webinars to engage registrants

1. Engage your audience 

Below you can find a good follow up email example. It resumes what has happened in a friendly manner, invites the audience to be involved. It also has a replay link for the ones who missed the event. 

Webinar follow up email example

2. Make your follow-up email simple and clear 

Let us highlight the Follow-up email content even further!

This email has it all, from the “Thank you “note to delivering the company contact information.

Mindvalley has, then, delivered a coherent yet attractive follow-up email.

Post webinar email

3. Ask your attendees to rate you

Along with the follow-up email, you can include a rating request.

On one hand, it involves your audience and gives importance to their opinion. On the other, it helps you grow.

Post webinar rating email

Furthermore, this concept is fundamental when it comes to B2B emails. It creates a sense of partnership and togetherness.

So if your audience occupies the business label, don’t hesitate to let them tell you what’s right and what’s wrong in your content. Feedback never hurts.

The famous author Ken Blanchard shares our stand. He says that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

4. “We missed you” email simple formula template

You can always send a “we missed you” specific email for the registrants who didn’t attend.

Here is a “sorry, we missed you” template. 

We missed you webinar email


Advertising webinars tend to be very competitive. To stand out, one of the most important To-Dos is to build a distinguishable email sequence. 

We have covered for you what emails you should send from the webinar invitation email to the follow-up email.

 Along the road, we provided you with some tips to rock-up your next webinar.

We will be happy to know that you used our guidance to generate leads and to grow your audience range. 

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