10 things Envoke does (very) differently than Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Mailchimp and Constant Contact alternative

Many organizations use Mailchimp or Constant Contact pretty much by default because they are the popular, go-to email platforms. They’re great products but they aren’t for everyone.

Envoke is a Canadian broadcast email provider for compliance conscious communications professionals looking to engage with stakeholders rather than sell to prospects.

Here’s how Envoke is different from Mailchimp and Constant Contact: 

  1. Users and objectives
  2. Canadian data storage and CASL compliance
  3. Pricing
  4. You can send mandatory content with Envoke
  5. Subscription management
  6. Support
  7. Onboarding
  8. Email engagement and email builder
  9. Multi-department setup
  10. Company

1. Users and objectives

Envoke is for communication professionals to effectively distribute content to internal and external stakeholders and members. In contrast, Mailchimp and Constant Contact are for marketers who want to increase commercial revenue. If you’re trying to make a marketing-first tool fit your communication needs, you’re not able to communicate with stakeholders as effectively. Check out who uses Envoke.

2. Canadian data storage and CASL compliance

Envoke securely stores all data in Canada and is fully compliant with CASL, a uniquely Canadian legislation to meet stringent data privacy requirements. Strong password requirements and accessible content following WCAG2.1 are included by default. Read more about compliance options.

3. Cost and billing

Envoke is priced more competitively than Mailchimp and Constant Contact and our pricing is easy to understand and fair. By fair we mean that Envoke doesn’t charge for unsubscribed contacts. You don’t pay for features you never use and unlimited subscription lists (audiences) are included with every billing plan. If your contact list size changes we don’t charge expensive overage fees, instead your account is automatically moved to the next pricing tier that best matches your needs and this is always cheaper than overage fees. View Envoke’s pricing.

4. You can send mandatory content with Envoke

Envoke’s unique mandatory content feature allows sending mandatory or regulatory content to contacts who are otherwise unsubscribed from optional content such as newsletters. The distinction between optional and mandatory content is not possible with Mailchimp and Constant Contact, which often results in frustration and costly overhead to identify and reach unsubscribed contacts using alternate methods (often one by one from Outlook) to send them mandatory content. 

5. Subscription management

Subscription management is customizable with unlimited segmentation settings so you can send the right content to the right people. With Envoke, you’re managing relationships with your stakeholders – not just unsubscribes. While marketers make the “unsubscribe” link small and barely noticeable, Envoke’s customers make the link to review and manage communications preferences easy to find because the emphasis is on communication, not the fear of losing sales prospects.

6. Support is quick and personal

You can speak to a support person at Envoke on any billing plan using one-on-one Zoom calls in addition to chat and email support. Support responses are quick and support is consistently highly rated. See our support reviews on Capterra.

7. Onboarding is always free and always customized

One-on-one onboarding is included with any billing plan to make it easier for anyone to get started. We help with technical settings as well as building email templates, list importing and form setup. Onboarding is always free because our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers. It’s in the best interest of all parties to ensure that users are comfortable using the software.

8. Email engagement and email builder

The email editor is where Envoke isn’t different from Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Because Envoke’s email editor functions the same as editors in USA-based platforms it makes the transition to Envoke effortless (easy, seamless…) for new users.

9. Multi-department setup

With Envoke you can manage multiple departments that operate independently under a centralized administrative account. Multiple departments can maintain separate relationship with their contacts and users don’t have access to contact lists from other departments. 

Read more about the tiered account structure.

10. Company

Envoke is a Canadian owned and operated company established in 2007 based in Toronto. We work for ourselves, not for investors.

Tools for effective contact engagement

You’re not missing out. All “standard” features you expect from broadcast email companies are included with Envoke. View all features here.

Is there a fit?

Book a live demo to discuss your requirements and learn about how Envoke can help with stakeholder engagement without risking your organization’s reputation.

Alternatively, a fully loaded free trial is a good option to test drive functionality. Free trials include full support.

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